Manufacturing Executives: Attitudes, Operations, Expectations & Opportunities, Zogby Analytics, March 14, 2014

Although the data did present negative attitudes from manufacturers regarding the current political, economic, and educational conditions throughout the state, there were some positive responses which can represent a silver lining going forward:

  • About half (48%) say their company has invested more in plant and equipment in New York in the past five years than say they have invested less (26%).
  • Seven in ten (68%) give a good or fair rating to their company’s ability to maintain business operations in New York State.
  • The number of manufacturing executives who say their employment levels have increased (30%) is up from 2010 and 2012 levels.
  • All three mood indicators: current economic conditions, current state of the manufacturing industry, economic development options available to your company all had slightly higher positive ratings when compared with 2010 and 2012 levels.

An Executive Summary of this report can be found here.


Eliminating the Franchise Tax for New York Manufacturers: An MRI Study, Beacon Hill Institute, June 2012

The New York Franchise Tax taxes the income of the Empire State’s corporations. Firms subject to the Franchise Tax must compute their liability under four separate tax bases and pay the tax on the base that yields the highest tax payment. The Franchise Tax code contains numerous tax credits for specific industries or activities


The State of Manufacturing in New York: An MRI/Zogby International Study
Zogby International
January 2011

A combined 61% report their company size has either remained the same or grown within the past five years, according to this January 2011 survey of New York State manufacturers commissioned by the Manufacturing Research Institute and prepared by Zogby International – good news, considering that about nine in ten manufacturers across the state have a negative outlook on the current state of manufacturing within the state.


Twenty-First-Century Manufacturing: A Foundation of New York’s Economy
Robert B. Ward and Lucy Dadayan
September 2010

Decades after scholars announced the “post-industrial society,” manufacturing remains a key element of the economy in every part of New York State. Upstate, in particular, counts on this sector for a major share of overall income and economic vitality. And manufacturing is most critically important in those communities that have been hit hardest by decades of economic stagnation and decline.