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With the majority of our membership comprised of energy intensive industrial manufacturing, a large focus of our advocacy efforts revolves around lowering the costs of energy for the statewide manufacturing community. High energy costs in New impact all consumers- from residential to industrial businesses alike. In order for New York State to regain its financial footing and remain competitive, low cost reliable energy solutions are a must for manufacturers.

  • Reduce energy assessments, including an expedited phase out of the Section 18-a assessment.
  • Finalize and implement Liquefied Natural Gas storage rules and repeal the statutory requirements for transportation.
  • Ensure businesses and their needs are kept in consideration during the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) review process

Economic Development

In order to most effectively  create and execute an economic development strategy for New York, Albany needs to address a number of burdens on New York State businesses: reduce high taxes such as our inflated property taxes, reduce energy and workers compensation costs, and bring employer provided healthcare costs to a more realistic level.  In doing so, programs such as the Upstate Revitalization funds through the Regional Economic Development Councils will be that much more effective in helping foster state and regional growth.

  • More support for emerging technology sectors with support for business growth, research & development and commercialization of new products.
  • Enhancement and improvement on the Excelsior Program to ensure its helping the right type of businesses and with the right incentives to support investment and retention projects.
  • Finalize regulation and performance criteria for hydraulic fracking in natural gas development.
  • Extend the brownfield remediation and redevelopment tax credits and expedite review and approval of remediation projects
  • Improve SEQRA and permitting programs to enable businesses a more realistic and workable timeframe for the environmental review of investment projects.

Labor & Human Resources

While one could easily justify that an employee is more than adequately protected under the plethora of State and Federal Laws, Albany seems to disagree. Each year, Albany introduces a number of troubling Labor Law bills that if passed would prove both difficult to monitor and costly to New York State business owners. Employers need a stable employment and regulatory environment and the ability to design pay and benefit programs and incentives that work best for their independent businesses.

  • Repeal the requirement for annual pay notices and return signatures for all private sector employees under the Wage Theft Prevention Act
  • Reject any new mandates, including the increased minimum wage proposal and weekly paid family leave mandates.
  • Update the workers compensation Board scheduled loss of use awards medical guidelines
  • Ensure timely and effective implementation of cost saving measures adopted from the 2013 unemployment insurance reform package.

 Workforce Development

MACNY and the Alliance have long maintained that our sector is only as strong as its workforce. In order to remain globally competitive, it is critical we provide our sector with the tools needed in order to shape and support a highly skilled workforce.  Workforce legislation and policies need to provide our current and future workforce with the advanced manufacturing skills and experience necessary to be both competitive and innovative.

  • Encourage public-private partnerships, using alternative education models such as the P-TECH program.
  • Reduce burdensome state mandates on school districts, to allow them to better function under the 2 percent real property tax cap
  • Support policies that encourage effective work-based learning programs that will provide the next generation workforce with vital experiential learning.


Recent studies conducted by the Tax Foundation ( branded New York State as one of the highest taxed State in the Nation.  Despite the last few years of State budget with either no new taxes or minimal increases, we are still an over taxed State, that of which much of the burden is imposed on manufacturers and businesses.  The Manufacturers Alliance of New York State supports a broad based tax reform, coupled with tax credits that focus on strengthening businesses and enabling them to focus their dollars on capital investment and job growth.

  • Reduce business income taxes, including but not limited to the PIT rate on small businesses.
  • Update the definition of a “manufacturer” to include taxpayers with significant instate manufacturing employment and capital
  • Expedite the phase out of the Section 18a assessment on business energy consumers, using some of the windfall dollars to alleviate and expedite this tax burden on manufacturers and businesses.