Manufacturers Alliance 2015 Legislative Priority Issues


Below is the 2014 Manufacturers Alliance Public Policy Agenda and Issues. The information presented to you is taken directly from the feedback of our collective manufacturing membership.  These issues, and the priorities, are determined by an annual survey given to the collective Alliance membership.  Putting aside individual agendas, the manufacturing and business sector want to continue on the path towards change and reform, and work together with Albany to help improve the quality of life in the communities in which they operate and live.

We also think it is also important to note the importance of the business community and its commitment to work collaboratively with Albany on our path towards economic recovery.  The past few legislative session have seen much progress by way of business friendly issues, with much of this having to do with our partnerships with statewide business groups. Working with like minded organizations such as Unshackle Upstate, the Business Council of New York State, the National Federation of Independent Business, the New York State Farm Bureau and many others, we were able to create a strong voice for business, and in doing so, saw many pro-business policies taken up in Albany and passed into Law, including a long-term economic development power program (Recharge New York) a 2% property tax cap, and the reduction of the corporate franchise tax on manufacturers to name a few.  We believe the collective effort by businesses, association and Albany will continue into 2015 and beyond, and on behalf of the Manufacturers Alliance, we look forward to being part of this progress.

We believe that it in order to achieve a better business climate, New York must focus on fiscal restraint, reassessing heavily burdensome regulatory issues, and foster economic development.  With that, below is the Manufacturers Alliance 2015 legislative priorities and issues:

  • Reduce energy costs, particularly with a repeal of the 18a assessment on energy and authorizing the development and deployment of liquefied natural gas infrastructure.
  • Addressing the regulatory burdens that impact manufacturers and businesses, by streamlining federal and state regulations whenever possible and addressing, revising or eliminating over-regulations currently in place.
  • Extend, reform, and improve the Brownfields Remediation cleanup program.
  • Advance workforce development initiatives, that will allow business and education to work together in creating a skilled workforce for today and the next generation of incumbent workers.
  • Address the burdensome and high cost statutory and regulatory burdens associated with the current workers compensation system, and lower the costs for business and manufacturers.
  • Reject additional wage mandates, including the state minimum wage increase as well as mandatory pad family leave.

The manufacturing and business community recognize that in order for New York State to regain its financial footing, we all need to work together.  Albany does not create jobs.  However, it can help create a sound business climate that allows manufacturers and businesses to create jobs.  These businesses are ready to work with Albany on creating a pro-growth business climate, and despite making some sacrifices, ready to tackle our state’s budget crisis together and get New York State back on track. We look forward to working with our members, our partners and the legislature as we continue to advocate for change and growth in our business communities and sector.


Randyrandy wolken




Randy Wolken

President, The Manufacturers Alliance of New York State

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