MIPACLogoThe Alliance remains true to the belief, that in order to be effective, or relevant, in working with lawmakers on crafting policy, involvement and participation on the political level in integral. That is where MIPAC comes in, and works to endorse and help elect and support the most business friendly candidates that will best represent the manufacturing community in the form of crafting good business policy.

The Manufacturing-Industry Political Action Committee (MIPAC) is the political arm of the Manufacturers Alliance of New York. MIPAC is a group of statewide manufacturers and businesses concerned about the status of New York’s business climate, representing six statewide business associations, and over 4200 companies.

Just as the Alliance has grown tremendously, MIPAC has grown in both our geographic footprint and our ability to influence. In the November 2014 elections, MIPAC participated and endorsed in 62 races from around the State. MIPAC also enable us to support pro-business candidates throughout the year.

Simply put, MIPAC represents the state’s manufacturing community as the largest and most influential manufacturing and industry political action committee. Our best interest is your interest: speaking on behalf of the manufacturing community and supporting the election of those candidates who speak for us in Albany and beyond.

If you share in our sentiment that New York CAN and MUST be a better place to do business, join us today. By financially supporting our efforts, you are helping us to help you: by fighting for better business policy and a stronger representation of pro-business lawmakers in Albany, and making New York State a place our manufacturers can call a great place to do business again.

To view our 2014 Endorsements, click here.